Carthay Circle? With kids?

Thinking of a dinner res at Carthay Circle in April. Never been, but I’ve been told it’s amazing. What about w/ kids? Ages 9 & 12. We did Blue Bayou w/ them last summer and they loved it.

Shouldn’t be an issue IMO. We ate there for lunch and on the recommendation of our server I had the cheeseburger which was amazing - expensive at around $25 - but actually worth it. The kids should be able to find something they like on the menu I’d think. It does have a “dark mahogany” type old school Hollywood feel, but it is a theme park and there were a reasonable number of kids there dining - presuming reasonable kid behavior it should be fine. The only reason I could think of to not eat there would be the cost, but I think the food quality actually does justify the cost. If we make it back to DisneyLand someday, we’ll try to eat there again…

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We took our kids in 2015 when they were 2 & 4 and they loved it. Granted our reservation time synced up with the Pixar Play Parade & we ended up asking for a table on the balcony & so they got to watch the parade from way up high so for all they cared they could have been served a plate full of spinach & broccoli & they would still have loved the experience. It’s one they ask when we will get to do again (and for what it’s worth they’ve done Blue Bayou since & have never asked to go back to Blue Bayou).

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If they did OK at BB, then CC should be no problem.

They did, loved BB.

I’m sure they’l be fine - it’s fancy for Disneyland but still casual enough for the park. Get the biscuits :). My boys were 12 and 16 when we went - the 12 year old is a picky eater but they modified things however he wanted. Also this is random but ask to take the elevator rather than the stairs - it’s got some cool decor.

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We took the kids on Valentine’s Day.

Sadly it was not a good experience…our server was terrible, food was cold and we waited nearly 90 minutes to get our food. My request to speak to a manager was denied…and instead of pressing the issue we left, because my kids had been sitting for nearly two hours…and we had barely eaten, and our waiter refused to refill our drinks or waters.

Disney Experience made it right.

We did the Frozen dining package a couple years ago, that was AMAZING. Last fall we has sub-par service, but excellent food.

I think if you aren’t ordering drinks, on a dining package, a regular, or ordering TONS of food the service can really be hit or miss. But it’s a gorgeous restaurant! Also, if you are with someone who has mobility issues? You have to be VERY firm with them…or they will stick your person in a wheelchair at the least accessible table EVER. OOPS.

But the food (except Valentine’s day!) is usually excellent! I actually like sitting in the lounge, they have some incredible tacos on the lounge menu. I am not a fan of the friend biscuits, but everyone raves about them. The burger is SO YUMMY. Skip the trip-tip…but you can ask if the chef has a filet hidden somewhere. I can’t eat fish…so thats a bit of a bummer for me.

I would pick Napa Rose over Carthay for the food any day. But the experience at Carthay is just SO COOL. Its a gorgeous place!!!

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Sorry to hear you had terrible service. I have to admit I’m surprised as our server was excellent at Carthay, but I suppose it is random based on who you get. Glad to hear Disney Experience helped out after the fact.

Definitely agree that Napa Rose is better (also pricier), but Carthay was a really good in park dining experience for us…

We went just this past August so we could get the FP for World of Color. Our kids were 11 and 14. Our server was amazing and actually let both our kids order off the kids menu. The food was amazing but it did take a while as it is a three course meal if you do the dining package for WoC. It was nice for us to sit for a while though as it was so hot that day!!

I have it booked in April…still waiting to see a peek of the prix fixe menu to see what it entails… Our kids are pretty adventurous eaters/not picky, but I’m wondering what this will look like. Also wonder if during the dining package they’d still let the youngest order from kids menu…

BB was very accommodating and I imagine that CC will be as well.