Cars room at AOA

Hi everyone! Any suggestions on rooms at the Cars section of AoA? I can’t get the touring plans website to select anything other than Lion King rooms! I’m hoping for a quiet room with a view of something other than the parking lot.

Just left our cars suite at AOA this morning :frowning: we loved it and would stay in building 3 first floor for sure again - close to everything but really quiet. We looked out towards the water. But the other inside facing would be good too.

I think cars bldg 1 and 2 could both be a parking lot view risk.

What other questions? :slight_smile:

Thanks!! We’re really excited! Is there a place to buy milk and bottled water to take back to the room?

Anything but building 2; although building 1 on average is closest to everything. We were in Building 1, “inside” view (towards pool/walkways) and it was awesome. The grounds are so pretty that even the "parking lot"views still include a lot of grass, some trees, and quiet walkways. You will LOVE It!

Yep you can get cases of water ($16 for ~30 bottles) and a half gallon of milk in the restaurant. I ordered from Garden Grocery though and was very happy with it. Bell services just delivered it all to my room and I think most of it was cheaper.

We were in Building 3 with a view of the lake and Pop. Loved it!

We are also staying here in 3 weeks! Love the input!