Carrying around gift cards?

I just realized…10 more days! And a big part of me is excited to go simply because the planning efforts will end! :rofl: So much work!

Question on gift cards. I thought we’d be able to link them to our magic bands but it seems that’s a no go. So my other option is to carry them around to use for food etc? No other tricks I’m missing so I don’t have to carry actual cards?

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I think you have to carry a card with you, but i like to use the Disney gift card website to keep most of my money on cards that aren’t with me. Then i transfer money to my card as needed. That way if i lose the card i don’t lose more than i loaded it with. And if i realize i lost it, i can transfer the money off that card.

If you are staying onsite, you won’t have to carry the card. You can use your magicband you charge to your room, and then you go to the front desk every day or 2 and pay your balance with a gift card.

The one thing you won’t be able to do with a giftcard, unless it has changed recently, is mobile ordering at QS restaurants. That will charge to your credit card or your Disney dining plan, if you have it.


oh shoot. i didn’t even think about mobile ordering going straight to credit card

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It would be nice if they added that capability, but so far i don’t think it’s happened.


it would or even to room so you can then pay it at hotel with gift card

No it hasn’t. Straight to credit card if no dining plan.

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Thanks everyone!

One cool thing they had when we were there was a gift card with a wrist band for the flower and garden festival. You are still carrying it around, but it is easily accessible.


I didn’t carry around my cards thinking I’d pay off the balance at the desk and I just didn’t do it. I did start carrying them on later days. Maybe just carry a few at a time. I ended up not using all of mine as a result. They won’t go to waste though.