Carry In Food?

Is it frowned upon to bring food from other Disney quick service stands into Quick Service Restaurants or Table Service Restaurants? Some of our party will want items of the menu while others want items from a nearby food booth. We all will want air conditioning in mid-July! LOL. Anyone have any personal experiences like this?

For years my son would want the QS in China and I would want QS in Mexico. We would each get our meals and bring them to one location.

From a courtesy standpoint, if none of you are getting food from the restaurant in which you are dining, it could possibly be perceived as rude. I’m not sure if this is a common practice at WDW, but I know if I had ordered food from a restaurant and all the tables were taken up from people who had gotten food from other places, I would feel a little annoyed. If it’s not crowded, I think it’s fine. Or if at least one of you orders there, it shouldn’t be an issue.

I don’t know about rude but I spent 2 weeks sitting down at tables in and around the QS restaurants and having a combination of food brought from outside of the park and sometimes buying food from the QS or another QS close by. No staff members ever said anything and they were even helpful in finding us seats to sit at to relax and eat.

Into table service, yes I’d say that’s rude outside of some dietary needs or a very young child. Quick service, depends how much seating there it. In Sunshine Seasons in Epcot, no big deal as it’s huge but a small QS in Epcot like the one in France where there’s only a few tables, I’d say don’t do it but I’m sure people do.

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