Carribean Beach room request

Not long! 7 minutes, maybe less? The biggest downside was that we couldn’t see the next bus times on the app because it wasn’t our resort, but we were mainly aiming for first bus of the day and it was only for two of the parks so not a big deal.

Awesome! Thanks for the information. Did you try the bus system at Carribean? If so, would you recommend walking to Riviera if close instead of tackling Carribean’s buses?


Only to go back to the resort, never to go to the parks - I was worried about the bus being full by the time it for around to Aruba or how long the loop would take if we walked to the first stop - I get too anxious about rope drop to deal with it.

I hear ya!! I am the same way…we do rope drop and I want to be there for it! I think taking that walk over is a good option to calm my nerves as well lol!