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I posted previously as we were trying to decide between POR and CB. We have POR booked however we have decided to make the switch to CB. My family or 4 (kids 8 & 10) have done POR and POFQ before and we loved it. We are going in March 2023 with our friends who have never been to Disney (family of 5 - kids are 11,9,7). We decided on POR or CB bc of the 5th sleeper rooms but have decided to switch to CB for the pool and skyliner. I am happy (and nervous) to try something new and it is the resort our friends are leaning towards. I am mostly nervous about the potential long bus rides to MK and AK (with all the internal stops).

From my research I have read that Standard 5th sleeper rooms are located in Jamaica and Aruba which I think is ideal for us. I read that the “water view” 5th sleeper rooms are in all areas but Trinadad. I think since we prefer Jamaica and Aruba we will book a standard. Does anyone know if that information is accurate? I am going to put a room request in for building 45/51 as it seems pretty central. Is this what you would recommend? How long of a walk from these buildings would it be to OPR and the main pool? What about the skyliner?

Thank you for your help!!

I stayed there with my kids when they were 4, 8 and 10 several years ago. We booked a water view room and requested either buildings 45 or 51. We styed in building 51. I loved the location. It was pretty central so you had options. Walk to the main hub of the skyliner was not long. I remember timing ourselves from when we left the room until we were at HS and it was def under 15 mins.(not at rope drop…that will take a bit longer). OPR was not too far i want to say lile 6 mins or so? Its been a whil. A nice walk over the ridge and island. The kids didnt complain at all so that saying something. It was even convienient to get on/off the skyliner at the Riviera station going to and from epcot.

The bus loop adds a bit of time but not significant. We would often walk to OPR for the bus because of where we were at, it was easy and sometimes you didnt want to wait for the bus to get all the way to aruba on the way home from the park or we wamted to make sure we got a seat in the AM.

My kids loved CBR, they still say its their favorite…even above beach club. Go figure…and we have also stayed at POR which i loved butbthey thought was just ok. They loved the vibe…the pool was perfect for them and skyliner is great.

Thank you so much!! This really validates my decision to switch and I appreciate your feedback! Under 15 minutes to HWS is great, Any resort by the time you wait for the bus to come and then travel to the park - 15 min is fantastic! I think on days that we go to AK or MK we can just go to OPR for a quick breakfast and then grab the bus there to ensure we get a spot (instead of waiting for it at Aruba/Jamaica where we might not get one)

I think the kids will LOVE the skyliner and the pool. :slight_smile:

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We just stayed in building 52 in Aruba in a water view 5th sleeper. Location was perfect Super convenient to both skyliner stations (6 minute walk to CB station, 4 minutes to Riviera station).

I think any building in Aruba or Jamaica will be fine for skyliner.

We drove to AK and used skyliner for DHS and EPCOT. Skyliner was SO fast to DHS.

Becky G.’s TP assessments are fun to listen to- yep Aruba & Jamaica are the two top picks.


From building #45, we were right across the parking lot from a bus stop, maybe a 5 min walk to the skyliner, and the same to the pool and Old Port Royale. And I’m more of a moseyer(mosier?) I walk slow.

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Great to hear! The bus was my biggest hesitation about making the switch!!

Awesome!! Did you do it for rope drop? We plan to rope drop HWS so should probably get in line before it opens?!

Perfect!! Thank you!

They will love the pool…i think I loved it too. What sets it apart from the other moderates is that there is a small slide and a larger slide in the pool. Then they have a water play area for the smaller kids which was nice for my youngest. It seems to have something for kids of all ages…the parents too. Banana cabanans is nice :grin:


Yes!! I was thinking banana cabanas looked great!! I’m getting way too excited now given that it is still 9 months away! LOL

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We rope dropped DHS last saturday from CBR. Park opened at 830, early entry was 8.

We left building 52 about 6:55… paused about 7 to grab LL/etc. and got to Skyliner a minute or two after 7. It was already running, no lines. I grabbed a coffee at the Joffrey’s stand and we hopped on the Skyliner. It was about a 4 or 5 minute ride to DHS. We were in line at the tapstiles by 7:15 or 7:20 at the latest.

It worked perfectly.

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We RD’d ToT which was not operating until about 825… we were maybe 50th in line. If RnRC and ToT had been open at 8, we could easily have done both by 830.

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Amazing!! Thank you for all the info!! Yes- now that I have our hotel decided on I will move on to trying to plan rope drops etc :blush: Glad to hear it worked well for rope drop!

Honestly it was so easy to get to EPCOt and DHS

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And so much more fun then the bus by the looks of it!!

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We’ve been in Jamaica twice - 2018 and 2019 - but before Skyliner opened. So our room request was closet to bus stop.

I don’t recall room numbers tho we were 5 minutes to the bus stop. We’re rope drop folks so rarely even saw anyone else at the bus.

2018 we had the 5th sleeper. Worked out great for a slender person about 5’2".

I think we walked once over to the main area, tho in 2018 that was all under construction.

The quiet pools is what set it apart for DD13. The main was great but sometimes overwhelming with noise and activities going on.

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We stayed in Aruba 54 a few months ago and bypassed the internal bus loop problem by walking to the Riviera and using their bus.

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I wondered about that actually! How long of a walk was it to their bus station? I assume their bus system would be efficient…