Carriage rides advance booking

Thinking it would be fun to start our trip with the POR carriage ride (early March, with our 2 DD): is this something that tends to get booked up in advance? We have a res at Boatwrights for 5pm, would a 6.30 ride give enough time for dinner? Thx!

Nope. In fact, you can’t make reservations. It is first come, first served.

You should have plenty of time for dinner.

The carriage ride was awesome and well worth it!

Ah, perfect! Something that has to be done on the fly…good for me to have something I can’t plan for months ahead of time!!

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Yeah, that’s what I thought. We walked right up, talked to the driver, paid and off we went! It was really beautiful and the ride through POFQ was great!

That is incorrect info. It is not first come first serve, it is by reservation only. I booked mine a few months in advance and it was already almost fully booked. When we arrived they were turning people away who tried to walk up and ride. They may take a walk up if they are not booked, but if you know you want to book it, do so in advance!

Then that is a huge change since we went. I tried to make reservations and was told no. Hmmm…

Eep! Sounds like I’ll have to call after all, lol…Do you know if the cxl policy is similar to ADRs (24 hrs)? Thx for the info!

When did you go? My ride was just under 4 weeks ago but it was booked a couple of months prior to that.

@jumully I don’t think it’s held with a CC so you could probably cancel day-of if you had to. But definitely check that when you call. The phone number/price and some other info can be found here:

We rode a year and a half ago. I’m kinda disappointed. I don’t think EVERYTHING needs to be planned out! Grrr…

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I totally agree with you! Would be nice to leave some things flexible. In my case, I knew I wanted to do it on my birthday directly following our dinner at Boatwright’s, but in other people’s cases it would be nice to have as a spur-of-the-moment option