Carriage Ride: Ft Wilderness or POR?

Has anyone done the Carriage Ride? Like / Dislike? Ft. WIlderness vs POR location? Thoughts / Tips? Is it good for small children? Basically, I'm looking for any information you may have! TIA!

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I haven't personally done it but being that the Fort Wilderness area is so rustic and heavy with pine trees, I would lean toward Port Orleans Riverside personally. I love the boat ride along the Sassagoula so I'm sure the carriage route at POR is nice as well. That's just my guess I'm sure someone on here has done those before.

It's acceptable for kids, depending on what your kids are interested in and what ages they are i'm sure they'd enjoy it. Who doesn't like horses?
carriage rides

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We did the carriage ride after Christmas at Ft Wlderness last year. We wanted to see the holiday lights at the campsites. It was enjoyable and would be fine for kids too. Not something I would want to repeat.

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We did the carriage ride at POR with DD14 and DD11...definitely a pleasant ride. we went into POFQ too and lots of guests along our ride were commenting how they wish they'd known about it too! Haven't done it at FW so can't compare, but as far as POR it was very serene and peaceful.

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Didn't even know there was a boat ride! Sounds beautiful, @pixiemichele

Thanks, @snowdiz!

Sounds wonderful, @grandfloridian! Thanks for the info. What time of day did you go?

Does anyone know if they will fit 4 adults and 1 toddler(3). I believe it says 3 adults and 2 kids online, just wondering thanks!

I was wondering this too @little

Sorry for my late reply @rseale81 - we went around 5:00 pm before dinner at Boatwrights at the resort. The timing was just as the sun was going down so it was nice and cool.

@ rseale81 it's a free ride from POFQ to Downtown Disney Via the Sassagoula river. Grab some beignets for the ride!

We fit 4 adults in the carriage comfortably, and I'm sure we could have added a toddler.

Not sure you are still looking for feedback but we did the Sleigh Ride at FW last Christmas and have to say that we were a little disappointed. We went about 8:30 pm and most of the lights were turned off and it seemed like a lot of money for such a short trip in the dark. Carriage fit 3 adults very comfortably with room to spare so I think space would not be a problem. And the horses are magnificent. Again, just a little let down, Will not repeat either. I never did the ride down the river at POR but I heard it was great and would love to. Even better, I think it is free.