Carnation Cafe as a Halloween Screams Strategy?

Planning an upcoming trip for Oct. 28-30 and I’ve made several reservations with plans on canceling some of them week of the trip. At the moment I have an 8:40PM reservation for Carnation Cafe on Saturday the 29th and I’m wondering whether anyone has tried something like this with the intent of getting a spot on Main Street for Halloween Screams which starts at 9:30?

My intuition is that my party of three might be able to weasel our way into a spot (probably not cool), but I’m guessing we’d exit the restaurant onto the walkway and “forced” to walk to either Town Square (not a bad spot from my memory last year, if not too crowded), or into FL and outside of the MS viewing area.

Does anyone have insights? Thank you!

I wouldn’t aim to book it just as a strategy to get you a spot because it’s easier to just get to Main St. 15 min. before showtime (which only saves you maybe 5-10 min from your Carnation Cafe plan). Also, 8:40 is a little too snug of a time-frame to make it from check-in to paying the bill and getting out the door even if you’re just aiming to be in Main St. just a few a min before the show at 9:30.

Especially if check-in takes longer than 5-10 minutes or service is slow. We’ve always had excellent & efficient service there but I’ve yet to have a check-in where they are ready for us ADR or walk-up.

That said, if you have your heart set on dining at Carnation for dinner, you can check-in up to 15 min. early & be prepared with your full order just in case service is any slow. And as for traffic, even if they aren’t directing you towards Town Square, that’s the direction I would go to find more open spaces to watch from. And I would definitely plan for crowds, crowds, crowds and if you need to watch from Town Square to pull it off, you’re right it’s not a bad view if you can get lined up center to see down the middle of Main Street.

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Thanks @lolabear_la ! Good advice so I’ll commiserate with the fam as to how intent they are at eating at CC.