Caricature Drawings


Does anybody know where I can get those caricature type drawings done, either at my resort (we're staying at WL) or in park?
We got the kids silhouette cutouts done at Epcot (France), so maybe there....but was wondering where else.
A friend of mine took a photo of their dog in her phone and they did one and the kids love it, we want to do the same!


Every resort we've stayed at has had a caricature station either in the lobby or pool areas. Check the daily schedule for WL to find out.


I'm positive I've seen at least one in the parks but I couldn't say where. We've always just walked right on by them before.


This is a few years back, but we had some done of our kids at Hollywood Studios. The artists' stand was near the Brown Derby restaurant.


I think I remember seeing it in the lobby somewhere. Is the daily schedule online or just there in the lobby? Never thought to look before.


Try this site...


HOW have I never come across this site before, lol!?! Thanks!


I just googled lol. Just about every Disney resort has some kind of in depth fan run website. Sometimes they aren't always up to date though so there might be better ones out there. That was just the first I saw.


My daughter had one done at Epcot last week. In the WS in France. It turned out great!


I saw one in AK a couple of weeks ago too. I think it was right where you turn down towards Tiffins?