Caribe Royal - Off-site hotel question

Hi all! Just had the most magical trip in Sept so of course I’m planning for next year :). We stayed at the Sheraton Vistana Resort this time and loved it, but looking ahead to next Sept it looks like their price hike will put it out of our budget range. Across the street was Caribe Royal Resort, it seems to have gotten good reviews so I was wondering if anyone had stayed there and had any feedback about it. We’re 2 adults, no kids, and aren’t interested in staying on-site at this time due to cost and amenities we can get off-site like kitchen/laundry (saved us a good amount of money this time around!). TIA!

We stayed there in late October… though in a regular room, not the villas.
They were clean and the staff was nice. Can be a long walk to some rooms from the parking lot.

Pretty good selection of dining options if that’s your thing, though the pre-prepared baked goods (think breakfast muffins and whatnot) were less than stellar at both locations we tried them.

Didn’t use the pool but it looked nice.

Overall, I would stay there again, and asked to have a look at one of the villas before we left to consider renting one next time. They were spacious and well-appointed.

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