Caribbean beach transportation

I will be staying in south Trinidad pirates room in a weeks time. Read a lot about the buses being full before they reach this stop. We don’t mind a hike and wondered if you guys can recommend an alternative bus stop at the Caribbean beach resort?

The bus’s first stop is at Jamaica. So if you don’t mind a walk, you could head over there. Or you could just head to the stop by the main building. We have always stayed in Jamaica when we stay at CBR, and we’ve never had problems with the bus.

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We too are staying in CRB, is it better to bus or to car from the hotel to the parks?

Car if you have one. Trust me on this (see the daily thread today :wink:).

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How long do you think it will take to walk to Jamaica? Never thought I would write that in sentence! I know cbr is big, but I can’t guage it. Our last holiday was wilderness lodge and before that port Orleans, both quite small

Thanks for your reply

I can’t say for sure, because it depends somewhat on which building your are in in Trinidad South and how fast you walk, but I would think maybe 10 minutes if you take the bridge over barefoot bay that goes between Trinidad South and Trin North and follow that around to the bus depot near Jamaica.

I agree with @wahoohokie about driving being generally convenient EXCEPT at Magic Kingdom. Having to deal with the TTC and all of that takes way more time and frustration than just waiting for a bus, IMO. That said, we generally rode the bus, and did not have any trouble with it. The waits were only long on one occasion trying to leave a park (MK) and even then it was only about 40 minutes. We usually waited between 2 and 15 minutes. The buses were occasionally very full, but that didn’t bother us.