Caribbean Beach / Shipping / Food / Delivery / Luggage

I booked this resort for an October 2020 trip, and asked my TA to request Jamaica. I really don’t have much to compare it with, as my only other trip I also stayed there, but liked having the first bus stop.

I have the following questions.

Can I get groceries delivered, and do I need to be in the room to take delivery?

As I’m going on Southwest, will my luggage be delivered to the room, freeing me to just go to my day one park upon arrival?

Does Uber Eats deliver to that resort?

Is it possible to arrange to ship some items home?

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You can order groceries but it will be delivered to Bell Services, not your room. Normally they can then bring it to your room whilst you are there, but there may be a charge for that.

At the moment Magical Express are not doing the luggage delivery service. You will need to collect it yourself and bring it with you on the bus. You can then leave it at Bell Services if you want to go off to the parks. Things can change though, at some point I’m sure the luggage delivery will return.

I assume any food delivery will be to the main reception area and you would need to meet them there. I have heard reports of some people at OKW and SSR being able to get deliveries to their actual building but usually it seems you need to meet them outside reception.

Fairly sure Disney are still doing shipping home.

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++ @Nickysyme I believe that for departures from WDW the Express Baggage Check-In has also been suspended. You now need to take transport your luggage on the Magical Express bus and then at the MCO airport carry your luggage to the airline check-in.

Can you Confirm??

Yes, the Resort Airline Check-In service has been suspended for now too.

That’s actually OK for me, as I’m booked on a cruise after the visit and would have to deal with the bags anyway on exiting. I’m more concerned with incoming bags. I’d love to be able to drop them off with the bus people and then zip over to the park. As it gets closer, I’ll find out if my cruise is still a go (or not), and worry about outgoing bags. I haven’t booked a return flight yet.

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You’d have to go to the resort anyway on DME, so easy enough to drop your bags when you get there.

I hate to say it but it isn’t looking good for your cruise. Is it DCL? They’ve cancelled until the end of September for now.

I’m not on DCL, and the sailing is not cancelled (yet). While I’d prefer to sail, I’ll come out ahead if it is cancelled due to the 25% return of the fare in credits (this cruise fare was paid for with the extra credits from my cancelled August trip, even after I booked that same trip for next August).

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Regarding the grocery delivery - I ordered from Target/Shipt during a stay at AOA. The driver and I were texting back and forth so he was able to pull up in the parking lot nearest our building (Lion King area). I had checked out a luggage cart and he helped me load up my stuff. Wheeled our stuff to our suite and returned the cart. Easy peasy