Caribbean Beach Rooms for 5

Is there any way to know which rooms at the Caribbean Beach Resort sleep 5 and which don’t? I’d like to use the Unofficial Guide’s room request service, but we need a room with the little Murphy bed. Hoping to be in Martinique 22 or Barbados 12. Thanks!

We are looking for the same info.

Yep we’re looking for that info too… I saw at least one room that actually had the murphy bed listed on the room description. But I only found one (granted I haven’t clicked on every room in the system either).

Someone sent me this link in another chat. There are rooms listed on the first page under a"pull down bed" section. I’m hoping it’s accurate! :slight_smile:

If you have 5 in your party you will get the extra bed.

Yes, I just want to use UG’s room request tool so we can try to get a good view too and in the area I want…just am trying to make sure the room I request can accommodate 5. :slight_smile:

UG staff- I noticed that you now have +Child Sized Pull Down Bed as a search option in your room type filter. Just curious- is this info from WDW sources or your own research or…? Thanks!