Caribbean Beach room requests

Tips for requesting rooms at Caribbean Beach. We are not in pirate rooms. It’s such a huge resort, location probably matters. We stayed there once before and the location was great (quiet, near village pool, close to bus, good view of lake) except for the L-O-N-G haul to the food court. DH and I disagree on which village we were in so I’m not sure. My ressie says water/pool view room but would like to be in a good building for proximity to food and transport as we have little kids. Suggestions? I saw that Jamaica has finished the refurb. Is that a good option (Queen beds!!!)? Is another location better? I checked the room finder but there were so many options and variables to choose from.

Paging @Beachmom01! I think this is one of her areas of expertise.

I’m sorry… CSR is my field of expertise for mods. But thanks for ringing my bell!!! ❊☆ºoº.•:¨¨:•.ºoº☆❊☆ºoº.•:¨¨:•.ºoº☆❊

Oh darn I couldn’t remember. I knew it was one of the two. Hopefully we’ll get someone in here that can answer your question @momfourmonkeys.

Stayed at CBR in April in Jamaica. Loved it! Close to the bridge that leads to the main pool and food court. We had a standard room booked, only requests I made during online checkin were second floor and lake view. Got both. Was perfect location, if we stay there again will ask for Jamaica again.

I like Jamaica too. Close to bridge and standard price rooms. I know I am a minority here but CBR is my favorite resort.

@mandy9701, I liked CBR every bit as much, if not more, than POR and POFQ. Love the theming of the buildings! Reminds me of Bermuda, where I had a lovely vacation many years ago. It was so quiet and peaceful, and felt like we were far away from the hustle and bustle of the parks. But we don’t use the buses, and barely eat at the food court and that seems to be where most of the complaints come from. Now that they are refurbishing and adding queens and an extra bed, I bet CBR becomes a lot more popular. Almost sad to see that, it is such a great hidden gem right now.

We were in Jamaica Labor Day weekend. Close walk to the bridge, gorgeous refurb, fully recommend. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I will request Jamaica for our upcoming trip and hope for the best.

@Wahoohokie, why do you like CBR better than the Port Orleans Resorts? Just curious, as the two Orleans are the only Mods we haven’t stayed at.

When we stayed at CBR we had a great trip. Stayed in Martinique and thought it was a good spot. Would like something a little more along the water next time we stay there - we got spoiled by this at CSR.

Number 1 reason is location. CBR has the best location of the moderates in my opinion. It was such a quick drive to all the parks, never had any traffic issues. Drive to all parks seemed longer from PO. Number 2 would be theming. We live a long, long way from anything that looks remotely like the Caribbean. Loved the beaches, landscaping, and bright colors. Thought the main pool was great. Number 3 would be crowds- POR and POFQ are very popular, CBR not so much. Just seemed like less people at the pool, in the food court, and walking around. We were at CBR during a much busier time (spring break) than when we stayed at POR (last week of January) and POFQ (week after Thanksgiving) and expected CBR to be much more crowded than it felt. I think POR and POFQ are great, I just found CBR even better. Trying CSR in the spring pre-cruise, and probably back to POR in a Royal Room (we did Alligator Bayou before) after our cruise.