Caribbean Beach Resort?

Any opinions of the Caribbean Beach Resort? We are thinking about a short trip to Disney in mid-June, and this hotel has reasonable rates.

We stayed there in 2011, and we liked it, but I would recommend requesting a room near the main building. This resort is large, and some of the buildings required that you take a shuttl3 to get to the main building, or have a 10-15 minute walk. Also, we took advantage of the resort airline check-in. The inter-resort shuttle doesn’t allow luggage, and the check-in building was separate from the one with the food court. It was a 10 minute walk to check our bags, or else we would have had to call bell service.

Other than it being a larger resort, my husband and I enjoyed staying there. It’s not our favorite, but if you do some research and get a room in a building close to the main one, it’s reasonable.

We stayed there in November 2013. We enjoyed it but agree with the previous reply that you should request a room near the main building.

We stayed there last fall - really liked it!

We didn’t have any reason to visit the Custom House after checkin, so wasn’t a concern we were close to that.

We got a room in Aruba 51, which was terrific - right next to the bridge over to the Port Royale food court and pool, and kids especially loved the walk across.

Pool was a big hit - very nicely themed. We pretty much had it to ourselves when there in November!

We found the buses came in right behind our building from the service road, so if we walked over to the bus stop near Jamaica 46 we were first on. Was the same distance to that stop or the one behind our building.

While we loved POR on the previous trip, the food court there was a little challenging for us when it came to dealing with our kids allergies - whether reflected by the overall change in Disney’s already terrific allergy policies, or if the food at Port Royale was just more conducive to excluding nuts, we found the food court at CBR was more popular for all of us.

The giant nut-free double chocolate cupcakes may have helped our kids’ opinions. :wink:
I liked the Cuban Burger.

Rooms were newly refurbed right before we arrived - pull down bed was a huge hit.

Early morning walk over to get coffee was beautiful.

If we stay there again, my only regret was we didn’t take more time to hang out at the resort - will definitely plan a resort only day next time.


Thanks for the great review!!

I am so glad you posted this! We are going to Disney in September and are planning to stay at the Caribbean Beach Resort for the first time, too. It’s nice to see the good reviews

Happy to help!
Some more photos of CBR and pull down bed in my trip report:


This is a great thread! Thank you all for posting such useful information!

I agree!! We’ve narrowed it down to Caribbean Beach or POFQ. We’re driving, and I’ve read that parking it better at the latter. So many decisions :wink: Thanks again for all the great advice!

We are staying there in January. What area would be the best to request (standard room)? We are trying to avoid being the last stop on the bus route - we’ve had problems with that at Disney before! From what I can tell online, Martanique is the first stop. Just wanted to throw the question out there! :smile:
Thank you!

We were there back in November, 2014 and then it seemed it was all one bus route and we were at the beginning in Aruba/Jamaica. (However return to resort varied on where we stopped first, sometimes near us, sometimes last.)

However, it is a very large resort and on chat over the last few months I noticed people saying that they’ve now split it into 2 bus routes. So, I think any info I might have is outdated. Might be worth a shot to post in chat too and see if someone has recent experience.

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So, if you had a car, what building would you choose(standard)? I don’t want to have to walk ten miles to my car, but would like to be near a pool too (too demanding??)

Ya I think there was 2 different bus routes for everything but MK. We stayed in Jamaica and was always the first picked up and the first dropped off. Only going to MK did we have to pick up through the whole resort. Any other destination we only had like 3 pick ups and were off. We loved it. JJT said everything and more. We were in building 45 and could see the bridge from our room and just walked right out and went to pool/food. We used DME and when we checked in we left our bags with bell (room wasn’t ready at 7am! how rude!) and when we got to our room that night the air checked luggage was there and bell had the rest of our stuff within 25 mins of calling. Highly recommend Jam/Aruba if you using buses.

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I stayed at CBR in January 2012 and again December 2013. Its been awhile, but I think parking was always available nearby. By nearby I mean maybe five minute walk at most for almost all of the buildings. If you look up at JJT’s map above you can see parking all over the resort. When we went in 2012 and checked in it was raining lightly and the front desk called for a golf cart for us, which was nice as we stayed in Jamaica and would have been a bit of a haul.

Absolutely loved CBR. Pricing is very reasonable and they have a very nice food court IMO. One of the things we loved was the landscaping though. Beautiful trees and shrubbery throughout the resort. And the beaches had hammocks, which my kids loved. Just a nice area to just chill after a day in the parks.

Also suggest you take in a movie under the stars one night if you can. Most of the Disney resorts have these and its just a really fun experience.