Caribbean Beach Resort - Remodel Questions

Has any stayed since the remodel? Do they really have Queen beds? MDE still shows doubles.
I want a 5 person room since we are not sure if husband will make the trip or not. Are all of the remodeled rooms 5 people now? Some of them still show 4 on MDE.

How bad is the transportation? We will have a car but Disney busses are what keeps husband from wanting to go back to WDW. i want to show him it’s possible to have a good time.

Sorry, one more question. How does it compare to Port Orleans Royal Room at French Quarter?

Hoping someone out there has a response for you because I’ve been wondering the same. We loved CBR last time we were there but we really want Queen beds and the ability for the kids not to sleep together would be amazing. When we were there we had a car but DS and I usually took the bus in the morning and DH and DD met us later. We didn’t have any issues with the bus but again we weren’t relying on it. Sorry I am not much help but hoping this will move things up so you can get some answers!

I haven’t stayed but here is a review I saw josh do a little while ago… Looks nice now :wink:

That helps and is an entertaining read. Thanks.

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