Caribbean Beach Resort in April 2016

There are already a number of threads relating to CBR and I’ve read them all. I booked a Mommy-Daughter trip in April and we’re staying at CBR. It’s a first for us so I want to know all I can.

Give me your standard room recommendations (I already have been advised of the benefits of Jamaica. Any other opinions)?

How is the food court? Big? Crowded? Unmanageable? Similar to PORS (my only other point of reference for food courts).

What do you think of Shutters? Is it worth booking an ADR there or should we travel elsewhere?

Is there anything special at CBR that you can’t see/do/eat anywhere else?

Any and all opinions welcome!

Wow! Looks like we’ll be there alone.

I wish I could help. I haven’t been to CBR since 2010. We enjoyed it. You’re going to have a great trip!

We will be there early April for the first time, so I’ll be stalking along with this thread.

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You already know I loved Jamaica. As for the food court, we only went once for breakfast. It was fine, but we aren’t big QS eaters so it was hard to judge. The Mickey waffles tasted like Mickey waffles, so all was good! The food court didn’t seem quite as large as POR, and it wasn’t very crowded the morning we were there. We did not eat at Shutters.

Not that I can think of. It really is a great place to relax and the pool is wonderful.

My cousin and I will be there in April too. Hoping we get a certain building in Jamaica but, who knows what will happen. I’m a little nervous about staying there because everyone says how large it is and how awful the busses are but, we figure anything is better than staying in a value.

We were there last in 2014. Second time I stayed at CBR. I’m just unlucky at CBR, I know people have great experiences there, I have meh experiences there. The first time I had issues with service, but it was years ago and I forgot the details. On this last trip, it was the room. The location was fine, but the smell was awful. I don’t know if the AC wasn’t working, but the air was saturated. It was so humid in there, there was visible mold in the bathroom around the bottoms of the walls, the bathroom door was starting to rust, and the smell of mildew was unbearable. We could never get the AC to get the room cool and dry enough. It was a split stay and we were only there 2 nights, or I certainly would have asked to switch rooms. As it is, I had maintenance come twice to see what they could do about the AC, but it was clearly a long-term issue with the mold and rust.
I guess what I’m getting at is, if you get a room like that, don’t even put your bags down, just call and ask for a new one right away! The service this time was fine, the pool and play areas were really nice, and the food court was adequate. We didn’t eat in Shutters.

Thanks for the advice. I’m sorry you had bad luck there

I wanted to report on our trip to CBR. The resort is beautiful. You truly feel like you’re in a tropical resort.

Following recommendations, I asked for and received a second-floor room in building 44 in Jamaica. The room was lovely. It’s dark, but I like dark rooms. AC works great. No complaints about the room.

One unpleasant surprise is that Jamaica’s quiet pool is under construction. I would avoid Jamaica until the construction is done. It starts at 8:00 am and is loud.

We had no issues with buses. We waited through 3 buses twice at park close and they came in rapid succession. Be aware that it is a big resort with lots of people so you will wait for a few buses at park close. Also be aware that there are internal bus stops in the resort, so once you board, you may stop 2 or 3 more times before you leave the resort. The frequency of buses was quite good.

The feature pool was inviting, but we didn’t swim.

The food court was fine. It seemed less hectic than the one at PORS. It has ample seating inside and out. Standard CS options.

Overall, I would stay here again if I had a rental car. All those internal bus stops make for a long trip to the parks.

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I think you just answered/resolved my issue about a rental car!!! Thanks.

thanks for following up on this. we are staying there in September so im anxious to read others opinions.