Caribbean Beach Resort - building requests

1st vist to Caribbean Beach. I need you help deciding what building to request. We have a standard, double bed room booking.

I want the shortest walk to the the main pool and food court. Is that the same a “distance to the lobby” in the TP room finder?

On the TP room finder…it appears that Martinique is the best bet?

On the WDW online check in, Trinidad North is also an option. Though those are all Preferred Room, correct? Is it worth selecting?

Since you can pick 2 things, should I pick both Trinidad North and Martinique. Or one and and 2nd floor? (I don’t like being on the ground floor) What would you do?

We stayed in Jamaica and loved it. Pretty sure both Martinique and Trinidad North are preferred rooms, so next closest would be Jamaica or Aruba (I liked the color choices better in Jamaica). We requested 2nd floor and Jamaica and got it, building 43 if I remember correctly. We were very close to the quiet pool and actually had a view of the lake. It is a short walk to the bridge, which takes you directly to the pool and food court. CBR is my favorite of all the moderates, it was very quiet and peaceful.

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I am sure you have used the filters on the TP room finder to see all the “standard, double beds”.
Once you have filtered it to Standard/double beds, TP also shows you the TP picks and their opinion of the best rooms in that category and that may help. Once you click on a room, all the room info shows you the length of walk to the lobby and transportation. (yes, this is the length of walk to the main lobby-Old Port Royale). You can check TP picks at the bottom of the filters and it will highlight those buildings and rooms for you or you can leave it unchecked and it will show you all the standard/double rooms.
When we stayed at CB the first time, we didn’t have all these tools and we were in Barbados. Close to a bus stop but about as far from Old Port Royale you could get and we had to take a bus which was pretty frustrating so we didn’t go very often. When my sister stayed at CB they were in Aruba building 52 and even though they had to take the path across the lake to get to the main pool, they loved it and said that it was a short walk. It does appear the Martinique building 22 would be a little closer but I think Aruba building 51 or Jamaica building 45 would be just as close to the main pool.
Definitely do not check Trinidad North, that is just a wasted choice since there are no standard/double bed rooms there. Only check choices that are available to your room category or you have wasted one of your choices.
TP favorite choice rooms are rooms 5261 & 5264(Aruba), both are 2nd floor and 5261 has a little bit of a water view even though it is standard. And rooms 2252 & 2248(Martinique) both are 2nd floor and 2252 also has a little bit of a water view even though it is a standard room.
Are you using the TP fax request???
If so, I would find a room view that you like on the 2nd floor (probably one of the TP choices) and add that to your fax request. The room assigners will do their best to get you where you want to be. You can even use the 4 rooms, detailed above, in your fax, in the “type of room” request box. In the detail section of the fax, explain that you are wanting to be as close to the main pool as you can get and a 2nd floor room and let the magic happen!
I hope this helps :smile: Good luck and pixie dust for the perfect room for your family!

I"m not sure of your travel dates but there is word that the bridge between Jamaica/Aruba and OPR will be under refurbishment starting today or tomorrow. Some reports are it’s just a few days, but some cast members have said through December. That being said, I’ve also heard that the resort will have extra buses to move people around the resort because of the closure. Have a great visit - CBR is our favorite resort, we are heading back for our third visit.


I am new to this and will be flying in with my seven year old son on February 13th, so first on my list to arrange is accommodation to book into “My Disney experience” I have got, Twin room with private Facilities? I am looking for a 2nd floor dual aspect room,not too far from the food hall.

If anybody can help,it would be truly appreciated.

Thanks. Mike