Caribbean Beach Resort- Anyone just stay there?

My DD and I are staying there May 8-13 for her cheer competition. I k now there have been refurbishments and updates and wondering what the rooms are like. Our entire team has to stay there and we don;t have a choice about room types or anything- reservations are made through the Varsity website that is hosting the event. I am guessing they will book in the least expensive rooms. Anyway, just curious what the rooms and resort are like.


I stayed in a Pirate room about a month ago. It wasn’t renovated - but it badly needed renovation. It was one of the worst Disney stays I’ve ever had. But the CM’s were terrific. I’ll try it again, but with a renovated room next time. :slight_smile:

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We’ll be there next week. I’ll let you know.

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How many cheerleaders will be at this competition?

My guess is around 1,000 but this is our first time so not 100%. They are split at CBR, CS, Pop, and AS.