Caribbean Beach Preferred Room with Skyliner

Any suggestions for the best “country” in CBR considering quick bus access (trying to avoid internal bus system) and easiest access to Skyliner?

Thanks folks!!


We just stayed there and while the Skyliner wasn’t operational, we could see the stations. Jamaica is closest to the Skyliner in CBR. Aruba is closer to the Riviera but not sure if there is a walking path. We were in Aruba and at the end of a long day, getting to the lobby for food or drink refill was quite a hike. We never used the internal buses, we usually just got a lyft.

I’d pick Jamaica – it’s closest to the Skyliner and in the mornings/afternoons last week we always had empty buses that either headed straight for the parks or stopped in Aruba and then headed. It was second last stop returning from the parks but the second stop is Old Port Royale and if you’re in Building 44 or 45 in Jamaica it’s a pretty short walk from Old Port Royale (and the big pool) across that island in the middle with the playground.