Caribbean Beach or Pop Century


Deciding whether if worth it to spend $800 more to stay at Caribbean Beach (preferred room) over Pop Century (preferred room). Son will be 7 at time of visit.

thank you

Pop is great. I would spend the $800 on other fun stuff. Or put it towards the next trip wink

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I wouldn't for $800. It was only $17 more for me to upgrade to cbr last month for 5 night.

If you really want to upgrade to a MOD so you aren't stuck with tiny beds consider one where you don't have to upgrade to a preferred location like POFQ where everything is compact and close together. May be less of a cost to upgrade.

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$800 is a big number difference for me.. That could be your total food budget. Now that being said, Caribbean Beach is a moderate and has more amenities and offerings than Pop and overall is a better experience. But for $800 (is your stay 10 days plus?) I might go with a cheaper resort bill. But if you are looking for a little more out of your resort and plan on some seriou resort time.. a Mod like Caribbean Beach is a great upgrade to Pop!

Yeah, $800 is a chunk of change you can put towards another trip.

Our trip is for 7 days. Thanks for the input. This is our first trip and won't be at the hotel much, except for a day off. I'll book Pop and see if any discounts are announced next year.


I would definately do the POP option. CBR is very pretty, but I think the larger-than-life icons at POP would be much more fun for DS7. Never stayed at a preferred room at CBR, but the size and busses were a real issue for me. I had a "non-preferred" room at POP and had maybe a 5 min walk to the main building in one direction, and a 5 min walk to the car in the other direction. Loved it!


Most definitely go with POP! I would pay 800.00 to stay there over CBR. Pop Century is so clean and nice! We were just there in June and we LOVE it!
CBR.....not a fan. I think they may refurbing the rooms...(greatly needed) but the buses are so slow and the place is just too big!

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Also my DS loves the Pop pool!

We love pop. Staying 2nd time in October.

Book Pop and upgrade to CBR if any discounts come out. I think it's worth upgrading to a mod for anything longer than a 4 or 5 day trip. If we stay 7 days, we know that we are going spend more time at the resort and enjoys having a bigger room and nicer pool. I think that the CBR rooms will be very nice once the refurb is finished.