Caribbean Beach Building Suggestions

Hello, we were lucky enough to book a Standard View w/ 5th sleeper at CBR for February '21 before the madness happened. In looking at the resort map we are curious what building/room to request. We’re thinking of the building that’s nearest the Skyliner…suggestions? View really isn’t a factor because of the standard view we know it’ll be the parking lot or some bushes or something.

I love CRB - since about 2012 it’s been my “home” when visiting. I have not been on the skyliner yet as it wasn’t operating in 2019 when I was there and I haven’t been back yet due to COVID.

I, personally, always stay in Trinidad #37. I’m a very light sleeper. This section is far way from the lobby and main areas. It’s super quiet over there. It’s about a 5 -10 minute walk from there to the Skyliner. (There is a bus stop nearby, but I don’t use WDW buses anymore. I hate them - but that’s another topic!)

So… if you want to be “away” from ppl go to Trinidad. The pool over there is pretty basic. You have to go to the “main” pool for the small slide and etc… There is a coin operated washer & dryer near too. On trips when I’m there for 7 - 10 days we generally do at least one load to dry out wet clothes (rain / Splash Mt . etc…)

We were in Jamaica 44 last year and really loved it. Close to the Skyliner station and the bridge to the pool and main building. Anywhere is Jamaica is really convenient, IMO.

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I stayed in Building 51 in Aruba. Loved that location. I felt it was in the middle of everything. Walk over the bridge and Caribbean cay to dining and pool, about equal distance between both skyliner stations. Building 51 was a little farther from the bus stop but I think the Jamaica bus stop was closest. We did time ourselves one morning while our kids were off on an excursion…it was 10 mins from the time we left our room until we were getting off the skyliner at HS. (note that we walked right on the skyliner, no wait) but shows that the walk at adult pace was 5 mins from building 51 to the main skyliner hub. Loved everything about CBR, enjoy your stay!!!


I was in Aruba 51 on my trip in January and completely agree. It was an easy walk to the main hub and completely equidistant to the two Skyliner stops. Plus the bus stop is still very close for non skyliner parks (or getting to the parks before the Skyliner opens). It was still a very quiet location.

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We were in Jamaica 42 with a 5th bed July 2018. Very short walk to the bus stop.

Gondola system was under construction tho it seems as tho a station was going to be right there.

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Two quick notes on CBR. We do love it, but the rooms are getting a bit dated and need some TLC. Not horrible, but worn furniture and carpet. Otherwise, its our favorite resort. We are adults only who get up early, and come back late. So we like Aruba bldg 55 or 56, right next to the Riviera skyliner station.
Buses to Aruba (the last stop), can be full by the time they get to Aruba (pre-covid). With smaller capacity, I’m guessing they will have a different plan for buses.

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