Car Service v. Magical Express

My family of four, 2 adults and 2 kids (12 and 5) are heading down to Disney in September 16. I’m debating about whether or not it makes sense to just take the Magical Express to the Polynesian where we are staying, or if it makes sense to take out the extra waiting time and just book a car service?

My hesitation involves the fact that I know we are going during a slower time and I’m not necessarily sure there will be a lot of extra waiting anyway. However, this is my kids first trip to Disney World and I really trying to take out as many speed bumps as possible.

Lastly, I’m interested to hear peoples experiences with using car services in the past.

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Honestly, I’d go with Magical Express. If it’s their first trip, I think it helps to build the excitement! You get immersed in Disney right away with the cute video, and there’s usually a great energy on the bus: everyone is excited and happy to be starting their trip. It’s fun! Plus the clapping as you cross the gate into property, it just sets a really fun mood.

As to the wait, I’ve never had more than 30 minutes wait at MCO for the bus. I visited last September around the same time (I arrived 9/27), with a flight arriving at 10 AM - so, not peak travel time. I waited about 45 seconds to get on the bus, which left about 5 minutes later.

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Instead of getting a car service I would rent a car - using @JackOfAll’s car rental tips you can probably get one for close to what you would pay for the service Car Rental Advice from JackOfAll

I agree with @theredhead! When you step onto the Magical Express the adventure begins!

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You guys are probably right. I appreciate all of the input. I’m wondering would your answer be the same for a first timer regardless of the time of year?

My answer would be the same! When I first started going to the world it was before DME. I have now taken it in April, December, November, June and July. I may be tempted to look at other options if I had young children and it was late at night- but enjoy the experience! The whole Disney experience is magical!

I have rented a car and taken Magical Express. It saves money by riding Magical Express, and also the roads can be very confusing. We got lost several times. I would do Magical Express (that is what I have used the last couple of times)! It has been quick and easy! My family got lost and was out of the parks for over an hour while we were already there :frowning: