Car Service Recomendations?

Wondering if anyone has a car service they’ve used or airport shuttle they would recommend. Need something to get us from DLH to LAX. Uber is pricing out at $187 for Uber Black SUV (family of 4)


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A Limo Bus is like $275-$300 with Crown Limo but I didn’t ask about their Suburbans which I assume would be cheaper but probably not cheaper than that. We’re 9 people so it sounds like Limo Bus might be cheaper than two Ubers.

In the past DLH had a special coupon with the taxi service and it was much cheaper than that. You might want to check when you are there at the front desk or with the bell hop.

There was just a convo about this in another thread. Someone just booked this service for this week. It’s the First Timer - Surprise Trip thread.



We all have zero experience at some point! It’s why I’m always here learning new things! :blush:

I used a limo service, but they also had regular town car and SUV service as well. (I originally wanted an SUV but splurged for the limo for DS’s first limo ride to be tied with his first Disneyland trip.)

I’m pretty sure I used It’s saying $89 LAX to Disney. 7:30 shouldn’t be too horrible (though late your time, I know!) traffic wise. It should just be clearing up.


Yep, that was me! I did a service from LAX to DLR. I remember it being both remarkedly cheap and quick. I’ve also used 247ride, and I was really happy with them.