Car Seats In Uber / Lyft etc

Hi everyone

For the times when we are running late, can’t be bothered to wait for a bus, have just missed a bus etc we might want to get an Uber or equivalent.

We see a group of 6 adults and a 2 and 4 year old. My guess is we will want two cars with a car seat in each because it’ll be impossible to find an option with 2 car seats. Is that right?

I also think that on it Uber offer a car seat service, is that right or are there any other options I should be aware of?


I think you’re right about 2 cars. I don’t think we ever saw ones with 2 carseats. It’s usually listed as a separate type of ride and availability may be limited. Also keep in mind the quality and size/age appropriateness of the provided seat will vary greatly. We got a ride once with a carseat that was more of a high-backed booster.

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You can do a Uber XL with car seat and it will cover all of you. They had two car seats for our 2 and 6 year old. One booster and one toddler I believe. Not consistent but they have them.

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I think XL isn’t as readily available and the Uber pick up spot could be quite far from the bus stop so you might not save any time at all trying to switch modes.

You could be right on availability with current crowd levels. I will say we had no trouble last Summer getting them. Maybe used the XL 10 times in a week. But there are certainly more people there now which could change things. As far as pick-up, you can pin that Uber wherever you want. So, location shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Just keep in mind at MK they can’t go past the TTC. That was why Minnie Vans were so awesome. Car seats galore and front row parking at parks really.

I thought there were dedicated ride share locations at each park?

There are, they are generally located in the parking lots close to the handicapped parking areas.


I know Uber and Lyft can drop you off at AK at the turn there nearest entry. At HS it is near the Skyliner area between it and entry. MK is at the TTC Monorail area entry and I cannot remember EPCOT. We typically used the Skyliner or monorail depending on our resort. Disney Springs has a designated area at the bus drop-off. Then resorts will pull you wherever you want. Typically the front door like CR, Riviera, Kidani, etc… It’s really nice at a big place like Pop or AoA because they can pick you up in the parking lot nearest your building so you don’t have to hoof it to the front entrance/bus pickup area.

I guess my point was if you just missed a bus you might waste more time trying to get a lyft and walking to that pickup area than just waiting on another bus.