Car rental question for today (ETA booked minivan with Dollar)

I have an option to rent a 12-pax from Budget for 11/11-11/21 for $675.

Does that sound good?
It looks like it’s refundable…

Can anyone tell me what pick up is like for Budget at MCO?

I don’t know about pickup at MCO, but I’d say $675 sounds like a great deal! I think we are paying just over $500 for 10 days in a minivan.


Sounds decent to me! You can go on and enter your reservation and have them watch for a lower price. We rented from Budget last month at MCO. Pickup is at the airport. There was a plumbing problem that day so the desk in our terminal was closed and we had to go to another terminal but no big deal. The only negative was that even though we filled up gas right before the airport, less than 3 miles away, the car read 7/8 full so they charged us for 1/8 tank. So check your gas level after filling up.

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I just ran your dates through Costco, $785!

Thank you all.
Talk about either deceptive marketing or me being a loser…

At checkout there is suddenly another $175 in fees.


Oh that’s irritating.

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I used auto slash for our January 2019 trip and got an intermediate suv for $217 for a week. Definitely check it out

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I’ve beem doing auto slash at least weekly without any better numbers than what I get directly at the sites themselves. I’m hoping that starts changing as I’m 9 weeks away Monday. :+1: :+1: :+1:

I wish I could make a minivan work. It has enough seats for the seven of us, but I don’t think I can get seven people‘s luggage into the back of one.

I wonder if I can get luggage for 7 into a suburban.

Keep watching. Those dates are approaching and prices will start to change. Is that a good price? If that’s the only vehicle you can use, then it’s a good price. But don’t pay ahead, just book, so you can cancel if a better prices comes up. Typically, prices for rentals will change within the prior 3 months up to 2 weeks just before. Book if you like a price, but keep watching for a better deal.

I have a minivan and easily fit luggage for six in mine and we had a pack-n-play and a stroller. Just pack it smartly. They have more storage than you think.

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This is encouraging!
Do you travel with the largest suitcases or middle sized ones?

We had one large one that my husband and I shared. Each child had their own suitcase that was medium sized. (3 kids/one of which was 18) the baby had a smaller suitcase but so much gear it was ridiculous. We also had a huge bag that contained things I didn’t want to buy like paper towels and detergent and some snacks. We didn’t fly so we loaded down the van.
We stayed in a condo and had a washer/dryer. We were there 12 nights. I knew I would have the ability to wash clothes so we did try to pack lighter. Since you are offsite (I think you said), that could help with packing. I wish I had taken a picture of the trunk when it was packed for you to see. Mine is really deep so that helps. I have a Toyota Sienna but the others I’ve seen had deep trunks too.

We’ve rented a stow and go and were able to get 3 29" suitcases in and then another 26" one beside that. Then a couple of carry on sized ones and a laptop and camera bag in various other spaces.

Also, if you have a stow and go, there is space (not suitcase space, but space) for smaller things where you’d tuck the seats if you were putting them down. That’s great for a lot of things you might not need until you arrive.

I think most rental places show Siennas. They don’t have stow and go, do they?

We have an Odyssey (we hate it) and it doesn’t have enough room for more than maybe three suitcases. It is 10 years old though. Maybe newer ones would be better?

We own a Sienna and it has so much luggage space! Even without putting any of the seats down, the back is so deep I’ve been impressed with how much I can cram in there. If you have few enough passengers that you can stow one of the back seats (in mine you can independently fold down either the two-seat bench or one seat in the back or both), you can fit even more, obviously.

We will have seven passengers. Five adults and two with booster seats.
Ironically, we are flying southwest so could overpack if we wanted too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sounds like you will need all available seats (I’ve rarely seen 8-seater minivans at a rental, though we own one), but should be able to squeeze an extra bag between the bucket seats in a pinch.


Ideally I’d like a 12-pax. It’s what I drive at home. I’m just going to check every afternoon.

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