Car Rental or Uber/Lyft?

We are going to WDW for just over a week in late September/early October. We have 4 adults and 2 kids (3 and 5). Should we rent a car for the week or just use uber/lyft to get from our hotel to WDW? We are staying off-site, but very close to WDW. I’ve used uber/lyft a ton in NYC where I live and am fine without the car seats, but wasn’t sure which option is more efficient from getting to hotel to the parks and back? Thanks!

Florida law requires boosters for children under the age of 6. Uber is not exempt from this law in FL but actual TAXI’s are exempt. If you are staying on Disney property, you park your car at the parks for Free. Staying offsite, I believe the daily parking rates are approx $20 a day. Your rental car would also need child restraints. You can buy inflatable booster seats - Bumblebum - approx $30 each.

I used several taxis last trip. They ranged $12-$18 each way.

My husband and I were slightly on the fence about renting a car last year when we took our 1 year old. He is obviously slightly different in his extreme need for a car seat, but I think it is a similar situation. Our biggest concern was the ride from the airport. We were actually staying onsite, so would have used DME to get to the hotel. However, we were just not comfortable with a long stretch of highway driving without a car seat. Even on a bus. I can see how you probably get around NYC with the two kids with no car seats, but the ride to/from the airport is much more dangerous. We were so glad we rented a car.

Uber/Lyft would have a slight time advantage as you wouldn’t need to park and you could get dropped off at the Contemporary for the MK. But we NEVER felt having our own car was inconvenient. I don’t mind the ferry/monorail ride and the parking at Disney Springs is greatly improved. Our son could fall asleep in the car and we just popped the stroller in the trunk and also left it in the trunk overnight so it didn’t take up room space!

We were in somewhat the same boat with our trip coming up in a week. We are staying on Disney, and there are 4 adults and one 6 year old. While the Disney transportation system doesn’t require the need for a car, the rental rates for cars are so low that the cost was worth the benefits. I didn’t spend all of this money for a Disney vacation just to spend it waiting at bus stops, or sitting on a bus that has 27 stops before mine. We tend to take afternoon breaks too, so the combined travel time would have eaten big chunks of time out of our day.
As for the car seat, we bring one with us. We use it on the flight and with our rental. I would not want to chance it at all. There are too many tourists in rental cars that are unfamiliar with the area, and all it takes is a split second. I could never live with myself just so I could avoid an inconvenience.

I believe the law is under 5

" if the child is 5 years of age or younger, provide for protection of the child by properly using a crash-tested, federally approved child restraint device."