Car rental from HRH and other questions

Family and I (wife, 11 and 9 year old boys) are spending five nights at HRH club level in April. We are huge HP fans and love water parks. We have four-day three-park “hopper” tickets, but might use one day on the day we fly out (late departure). That would leave us with a day “off.” We are thinking about renting a car at the hotel and driving out to Kennedy Space Center one day in the middle.

Any one have experience renting a car at the hotel? Easy process?

Is the Space Center worthwhile? My boys love space and science, but don’t have a lot of context for the history of the space program. Anything else that might be good for a day trip (not WDW - we did that two years ago and loved it, but we also live near Disneyland and want something different and unique)?

Any comments on club level food options and benefits? We already reserved a room on level seven with Rock Royalty access and I want to get excited about it, but haven’t seen a lot to suggest the food, drink and amenities are much to get excited about. Hoping for some positive feedback on it.

We would love to visit Kennedy space center, unfortunately we can’t fit it in on our next trip. I looked into car hire, and you can pick up and drop off from the hotel, but do check the times they are open because you might have to hire it overnight if you’re leaving early in the morning. We are visiting Discovery cove, which I’m so excited about, our ticket also includes Seaworld, & Busch Gardens. Don’t think we will make it to BG as we don’t have the time. We had to decide between Seaworld and KSC, the kids voted for Seaworld and DH and I went with that because it was considerably cheaper and in Orlando. Discovery Cove currently has a sale on. We’ve decided to uber everywhere because when you take into account all the parking charges it should work out cheaper. I think the KSC would be very worthwhile.