Car rental center

I have reservation with National, and am to drop-off the car at the Disney Car Rental Centre. Looking this place up on Google Maps, it looks like I have to go thru the MK parking toll plaza.

Anyone familiar with this facility? I am assuming I won’t get dinged the parking rate, but calls to National to confirm have left me either on hold or without an answer.

Hi. Google maps has not been updated to show the new flyover that opened last August. Before you get to the MK parking toll plaza, you will see signs that tell you to be in the left 2 lanes for the resorts, right lane for MK parking lots. Stay to the left, the flyover will take you over top of the toll booth lanes. You then follow the signs to the resorts, and turn left towards the Poly on Seven Seas Drive. After passing the Poly you will eventually go left which takes you back south on Floridian Way. The Car Care Center will be on your right. The video in this link will show you the new flyover. Hope this helps.


That is very helpful thank you!

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Also - if you get lost - which I have done in trying to return a car. You can just explain at the toll booths what it is that you are trying to do. They will most likely let you through and give you directions. One day - I went through both the Epcot and MK parking booths in trying to get to the rental car return.

You’re welcome.