Car rental at Orlando

How is dollar car rental at Orlando. It is cheaper. However we are coming in late and the last thing I want to deal with is poor service at 11:30 after a fun rilled plane ride.

Are there any car vendors you stay away from? I usually use Enterprise / national



I have heard good and bad things about all of the “in terminal” rental companies at MCO, so I just go for price. Whatever company you choose, make sure you join their frequent renter program as that can often speed up the pickup process.


While I’ve not done extensive research I’ve found Alamo easy, as they have a “skip the counter” and kiosks. To check in online you have to book with Alamo direct I’ve used the Kiosk after booking through a consolidator and confirming on the Alamo website. This is a good guild at Disboards

More research may show that others do this but with pricing being similar i’ve not looked.

Hope this helps