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Just realized I was giving 20% discount from Alamo with my Disney Annual Pass. I choose Alamo when I need a car since they are located at WDW Car Care Center and returning the car is the best way to save money!

Good to know Alamo gives 20% off with AP. c]:}

I’m looking to rent a car next month. How did you go about getting the discount for AP holders and choose the Disney World location? I don’t seem to be able to do that online. Help :slight_smile:

You need to rent from Alamo
I looked up the discount code to use here ^^^^ Rent from Alamo Rent A Car and save up to 20%. For reservations, call Alamo at (800) 354-2322 or book online at (Request ID #860292
and when making your reservation)

The return location, on the Alamo site I selected was Orlando, Disney Car Care Center. This location is only listed on Alamo and National car rental sites since they are the only ones that operate there.

I was just playing around with my reservation again yesterday. I keep “rebooking”. meaning creating a new reservation to see what the price is. I saved another $80!. I am picking up a minivan from Tampa airport, keeping for 5 days and returning it to car care center for $260, which I think is a great deal. The AP discount saved me 20%

You need to select the city or other location for your location and not the “Airport” location to do offsite rentals. If you have Costco they make it easy and has comparable or better pricing than the AP discount. If all else fails Google Alamo, “your offsight city” location codes.

Thank You! I booked through the Alamo site and got the discount. I then went to Southwest Airlines website, where I’m a Rapid Rewards member and booked through there, saved an additional $5 as I was still able to use the AP code and I will get Double FF Miles. :slight_smile: So for 2 Days, 12/12-12/14 Mini Van rental from MCO, I’m paying $76.00. I think that’s pretty good.
Thanks for the info!

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Just wanted to add a few things to this thread.

First, FOLLOW THE METHOD. Just prior to learning @JackOfAll’s method, I booked what I thought was a “great deal” bidding on Priceline. I subsequently discovered that if I had been patient and followed The Method, I would have saved at least $100.

Second, check all three SmartBooks at CarRentalSavers: The main one, the Florida one, and the Orlando one They can often find different rates, and no guarantees as to which one consistently finds the lowest.

Third, add AutoSlash into the mix. The idea with AutoSlash is that once you book through it it will monitor rates and automatically re-book when it finds a better deal than the one you already have. Unfortunately the car rental companies do not like this, so they stopped letting AutoSlash make the initial rental booking. However, there is a workaround - all you do is take the best deal that you have booked so far and enter the information into AutoSlash. It can then monitor the rates and let you know when it finds a better one. You just click on the link in the e-mail to book it, but be sure to do this quickly as rental rates are always changing. However, don’t just rely on AutoSlash - at times I have found better rates on CarRentalSavers that AutoSlash never found.

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What vendors are at (at) Sanford?

I think this covers it:

I was planning on flying into Sanford and using a car service this September. I’m interested to hear what kind of rates you find for a car rental out of that airport.

I got $219 for a week and three days from dollar! That is with tax.

BTW- not all of the rental companies look close from a map.

Wow that’s a pretty good deal. Do you mind if I ask what kind of car you are getting?

Full, big enough for five people and number of bags. We are four limited to four check and four carryon bags. Round trip with Sanford. I checked rates, everything was more expensive. I think I booked during a 15% off deal.

+1 for AutoSlash!

I searched on Kayak and other major seach engines, the cheapest price is by ACE and Priceless car rentals in Orlando . The provide shuttle from airport to rental car office. The prices are too good to be true and wondering if anyone has experience with these companies

I would use them if prices are low enough. I would need to save more then $20 or $30 minimum before I would use a shuttle. The non shuttle cars are so easy.

Remember and for some of the best deals.

$94 for a week is too good to be true

It really depends on when you are going. If at an off time in Orlando, you can get ridiculous deals - we had an SUV for a week for $50 from HotWire. Ended up via Alamo. My understanding is Orlando has more rental cars than anywhere else in the US so during non-peak times, a lot of those cars sit unused which makes for great opportunity if your trip is the right time of the year…

Going next week 12/17 which is busy season

Beginning of Xmas season, that does sound too good to be true, just like you thought.

Googling Priceless in Orlando reveals 2.3 stars & lots of reviews saying “their web site is a lie” and that they add on pricing, etc. I would stay away from a quick glance at the reviews.