Car Parking


May be misinformation however I’ve just be told on another forum that all cars arriving at a WDW park are held at the parking booth until the park is open. This apparently is a change since reopening can anyone give an insight as whether this is correct


Here is the liner transportation /drop sheet Liners Handy-Dandy Spreadsheet - Google Sheets

The data here shows parking lots opening 30 minutes before EE.

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I’m sorry EE is :thinking:

Fab spreadsheet by the way thanks

EE is the early entry time (for on-site guests).

Thanks just spotted that :grinning:

So the information on the other site (looking at this spreadsheet) is clearly wrong?

I think it was true at one time, just not now.

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Thank you for the spread sheet! I’m starting to worry about being able to rope drop MK with EE. We have a car and are staying at all star movies and our goal is to be near the front portion of the rope drop for seven dwarfs mine train. We wake up early as a family so that isn’t a hurdle. Is an avg parking lot opening of 7:44 with EE of 8:30 enough time to achieve that goal? I hate the idea of taking a bus but will do it for this park if it’s the fastest. We are going the last week of January if that helps. Thanks!

The bus drivers have been telling guests that at MK the buses are not supposed to arrive more than 30 minutes before EE (they do sometimes get there a little earlier according to reports). Usually those guests get there a few minutes before other transportation but driving to the TTC will get you there with plenty of time.