Car or Ride Share?

Could people who live in Orlando or people who have recently used Uber or Lyft to get around please help me? We are coming for 21 nights from the UK and as part of a package with Virgin can have a car from Alamo for the entire time. We are doing International drive for 6 nights, 1 night in Hard Rock at Universal and 14 nights at Coronado Springs. I’ve got the included car insurance so that SCDW is taken care of which cost almost 750 dollars, I’ve also worked out that with parking fees at Coronado Springs, Hard Rock hotel and Universal plus the discount if we don’t have a car, that the car is costing us 1600 dollars give or take. As we get free transport to Disney whilst at Coronado Springs(I am aware it’s not the best bus service on property) and can get free transport to Universal from our International Drive hotel if we want, my question is…
How much on average Sept/Oct time are we going to be paying for a Uber/Lyft to get around?. If anyone has any recent journey prices I would appreciate if you could let me know how much they were. There will be Hard Rock to Coronado Springs one way, which will be the longest journey. Do we need a car? Is it worth it?
Thanks in advance for any input.

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We are also doing a longer stay and opted to not get a car. Most of the resorts we’re staying at are right were we need to be and the biggest costs will be airport to Disney and back and Disney to Universal and back. We personally felt that the cost was too similar either way to deal with the hassle.

That being said, we were/are very much a park it and forget it type of family anyway. Meaning we’d check in to the hotel at Disney and not look at the rental again until the day we checked out 2 weeks later. And the one time we did take it to Universal, between the traffic and trying to figure out where to go and where to park took more time than we wanted and we decided, personally it was worth it to Uber. Sadly, that was about 4 years ago so anything I could say pricing wise would be dated at best.

Thank you

Our last trip was August 2019, we paid just under $13 between POFQ and HRH (just under 12 miles) and $15 from BC to Florida Mall (around 15 miles). We did have a discount code, I don’t remember how much it was for, but you can assume full price was at least a couple of dollars more. Oh this was Lyft by the way. We didn’t uber because of the discount.

My personal view? You’d be nuts to have a car.

I haven’t been to WDW since 2019 but an Uber or Lyft between two WDW locations was around $10 including tip. Between UOR and WDW around $30. And WDW to MCO around $40.

CSR buses aren’t great but you’re there for 14 nights! What’s your rush?

A car would be convenient, perhaps, but at a hell of a cost. There are way better things to spend $1,600 on in Orlando. I can’t imagine you’d spend $75 a day on Ubers.


I always checked the price of both. Mostly Lyft was cheaper.

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I absolutely would not keep the rental. You won’t come anywhere near spending that much between Uber/Lyft and/or formal car service for transfers to/from the airport and UOR to WDW.

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Thanks everyone, you’ve confirmed our thoughts. Does anyone do an excursion to Busch Gardens? That’s the only place that’s throwing a spanner in the works, because we love the thrill rides there and really want to go.

We do when we stay offsite and have a car. I’ve never attempted to get there without having one.

If I remember correctly, there’s a Budget Rental or equivalent right there on Disney property. Maybe for that single day you do a rental to Busch Gardens and back?

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The car care center is where we are dropping off our one way rental (Tampa to WDW) at the end of the month.