Capturing the moment last minute (moment?)

Hi! I have tried and tried to get a capture the moment MK appointment for my last two trips with no success :cry: The website says that you can check for walk up availability. Has anyone done this? Has it worked? Thanks!

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I don’t know about that, but with it expanding to all four parks perhaps availability will improve?

One thing that some people might not realize is that you can book a Capture Your Moment session at midnight 60 days out, rather than 6 AM. We scheduled it for the last day of our trip so that there would be more availability. On site guests can book for the length of their stay, like dining. So I stayed up until midnight to make that reservation, and then got up early to make dining ones.


We did the Capture your moment at AK and they did say that you can check with guest relations when you first get to the park because sometimes they do have cancellations and same day openings. Haven’t tried it but might be worth a shot if all else fails!


Update - Hi all! I wanted to give an update. The morning of our MK day I opened the browser and searched again for an appointment for that day (this was about 8am on a 9am opening day) and found two appointments one for 845 and one for 915. We booked the 915 and it was great! So worth checking even before you get to the park.


They do say you can ask at the check-in area too for walk ups. Glad you got it!!!