Capture Your Moment - Memory Maker add on

Anyone hear about this yet? Read an email that promoted this option. 20 min private photo session in MK at one of several locations with a castle view in the background. Cost is $50 on top of MM.

Sounds intriguing. Offered starting Feb 10.

Anyone considering this?

Anyone know if you will be able to add this on MDE after Feb 10, can’t find the option now…


I booked it for our May trip. I wanted to get some decent family photos. You have to call to book.


Did you already have MM booked when you called?

No, I was planning on buying it though. I purchased it after booking.

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It was a little confusing because for double the money, it says you get 2 locations. Does that mean 20 mins at one location for $50?

Also, I assume it’s one photopass photographer, but do they just cut in on some of the iconic scenes? And what if a line up starts behind you? So many unknowns.

Yes, it’s $100 for 40 minutes and 2 different scenes and $50 for 20 minutes with one scene. I doubt this is directly in front of the castle. It sounds like they give you available locations when you meet your photographer. You choose one (or 2 for $100). The locations may change from day to day based on weather or availability. And the photographer can always tell people it is a private session if someone comes up for photos.

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Also booked just one session for 20 minutes $50; the sessions start at 1015 am and run till 645 pm . The photopass photographer will meet you 10 minutes before at the Town Square Theater and advise of the location, it will be only in MK and Castle will be in background somehow…
Not directly in front. No magic shots. You can later purchase the images, unless you have purchased memory maker… or unless you have an annual pass with which the images are included.
This is what I had typed out in my notes as I was on the phone with the CM during the booking process. Hoping its fun and turn out well !


Do you select the time in advance or do they assign you a time? How far out can you book?

Not sure how many months far out can book, our trip is next month. The time I was able to select was based on what was available in between those times and around my fast passes/ADR. The CM I spoke with moved one of my fast passes to give us time to get to it as well after the photography session.

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We were able to choose a time. We have our ADRs scheduled, but not yet our FPs, so it was easier to choose. I was able to book out to May 21. I didn’t try further out.

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Anyone have their experience as yet ? Ours isn’t till the end of March. I’ll update once it is complete.

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I know it’s a pretty penny more, but we used Disney Fine Art Photography at Wilderness Lodge for our family photo shoot over Thanksgiving. Cannot say enough good things about them. There are many different packages. The lower one is a 15 minute package for around $250 at any one of the 3 parks (not including MK) or any resort. There is no retouching or external lighting. Another package, and the one we got was $500 and it included external lighting and retouching. It was an hour long photo shoot.

Again, cannot say enough good things about them. They did a fantastic job. The photographer asked what we wanted, and listened. They got us shots we are very proud of. When I pointed out an area that might look good, they were happy to oblige, but they also had some areas they suggested.

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Thanks, but for this trip, that’s out of our price range. We are ok with having the photopass photographer and we have Memory Maker, so we don’t have to pay extra for the photos. When we have had the opportunity to take our time with the photopass photographers in past trips, we’ve gotten some great pics. Usually they are in some out of the way spots that don’t have lines. At $50 for 20 minutes, that’s more affordable for us and I won’t feel so rushed with our pictures near the castle.


Understood. I saved for it and cut out some other things (park hopper, table service dining, etc) because we have not had a family photo shoot in several years and my girls are just growing up so fast. It certainly isn’t cheap!


Thanks for sharing your experience. Those prices are honestly not too bad compared to shoots with our local family photographers. Do you get the rights to the high-resolution digital prints with Disney Fine Art Photog or have to buy them separately? What locations did they suggest because I’d want a more Disney look than I couldn’t find elsewhere?

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You do get the rights. For the lower package, they give you a memory stick right there and then. With the package I got, I had to wait about a week or so and they emailed me a link to the pictures. They had both low res and high res suitable for large pictures.

For that package, you can do any resort or I believe any of the 3 parks other than MK. If you want a more Disney look, I would pick one of the parks. They said most people do not pick a resort.

All that being said, I couldnt suggest WL any stronger. It is an absolutely beautiful resort. But, it wont be the Disney stuff in the background.

WL is a beautiful resort, I will give you that! One of my favorites I’ve stayed at. Thanks for all the details. I will check it out for my fall trip.

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You can check out the website here. On the Enhanced session, the reason they need extra time is the retouching. That package also has external lighting, which will help.

If you decide to do one of those two packages, there are really only 2 reasons I can see doing the mini portrait package over the enhanced. One is if there are littles that can’t go much longer than 15 minutes. The other is the difference in the money. It’s an extra $250, but in my opinion, it’s well worth it. You’ll get so many more pictures in different areas.