Capture Your Moment - expanding!

Capture Your Moment is expanding to EP (effective 2/24) and HS (effective 3/21)

It has also been #chapeked to $79, but even at that price I think it’s probably still worth it for a special occasion.


Both exciting and frustrating - planned on using this for our May trip. I was worried about grabbing a spot (so the additional locations are a plus). The increased price is a kick in the pants; I was thinking about doing two b2b sessions (but not at this price).

Apparently out of it. I don’t know what “Capture Your Moment” is.

Yeah I actually wonder if that was their goal - to maximize overall guest availability by discouraging double sessions. While still making more money


We were planning on a double graduation celebration (two DSs with graduations this year). Plus, DH and I missed celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary (stupid covid). Thus, I thought 2 sessions would be fun and worth the price.
Hmmm. Now I will need to be thinking about locations (and availability). Also, I will draw upon my ‘mom voice’ to organize the family for all these ‘needed’ pictures.

I’m interested in the fact that at HS they specifically do NOT mention Batuu as an option.

Previously, when I did the AK one in July, they basically asked us where we wanted to go in the park and it felt like no location was off limits. the EP description specifically names locations, as does HS.


When you click to reserve for HS, it makes that omission even clearer:

“This experience is not available in Star Wars : Galaxy’s Edge.”

Guess they don’t want a million Star Wars cosplay photo shoots?


It could be because of crowds taking away time from the experience.

I know when I did it in AK in July I asked about Pandora and they said it was my shoot and they’d do it if I really wanted it, but that especially first thing in the morning getting good spots that weren’t filled with other people there would be very difficult - and that they usually got at most half the shots that they could get going elsewhere.


I wonder if they’ll combine this with a Plaid offering.
“Ok look I need to photograph pretty much everything for a Trip Report…”

I am glad we just did this at the non-cheapeked price. I thought it was worth the price, but $79? might not have been.

Would HS be worth $79 without Galaxy’s Edge? I guess maybe in Toy Story with little kids.