Captain Hook’s Pirate Crew

Has anyone done the Captain Hook’s Pirate Crew adventure for their kids?
The ages are from 4 to 12. My daughter is twelve and she is not too keen on the idea. She thinks it will be full of little kids. I booked it for one night, so that the wife and I could have a few hours alone.
What’s your opinion on this? Was it worth it? Do kids actually enjoy it? Will a twelve year old enjoy it?


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My husband and I did this with our five year old on a trip we took about a week and a half ago. We absolutely loved it! The staff there were wonderful with the kids, they were all about safety and supervision, and when it was time to go, by daughter did not want to leave! As you pick the kids up, each kid gets a certificate presenting them with the title of “pirate,” and a gold pirate coin. My daughter was selected to receive the special “loot” and she was able to take home a black velvet pirate bag of “jewels.” The kids get a much bigger selection of food options than are shown on the MDE website, and the ages ranged from about 4 to 12 the day we took her. I have to say that I can see how your daughter would not be too eager as only 1-2 of the kids were about 11 and 12. Most were between 4-7 from what I could tell. That being said, the “crew” did a great job having the older kids serve as “coaches” for the younger kids. If your daughter is ever interested in possibly babysitting for some extra money when she gets older, you could spin it as a good experience to practice working with kids. When we picked our daughter up, the staff were letting the older kids do a more advanced art activity than the younger ones, so while I cannot speak for the whole experience, I think they do take age into account and try to match the experience with appropriate activities. Overall, it was more than worth the money. My husband and I plan on doing this every time we visit, or at least as long as they continue to have it. Hope this helps!


Thank you for this review! We’ve signed up our 4 year old son and are so happy to hear that it was a positive experience.