Capt. Cook's - Can they do gluten-free flatbread?

So my friend I’m doing MNSSHP with (and meeting up for a QS lunch - probably at one of the MK area resorts) is OBSESSED with trying those meatball things at Capt. Cooks. As in, that is ALL she talks about. The only thing that looks really appealing to me on the menu are the flatbreads…BUT I’m gluten-free.

I know pretty much every other place on property that does flatbreads can/will do them gluten-free, but I cannot find anything indicating that Capt. Cook’s can. So I’m curious if anyone has any experience to know for sure.

If not, I may lobby for meeting AFTER lunch and taking myself to the Contempo Cafe and having one of their delicious gluten-free flatbreads.


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Don’t have a definitive answer, but didn’t see flatbreads on Captain Cook’s gluten-free menu.

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The meatballs she is obsessed with??



From what I learned on another forum (hey, more knowledge can be good) they don’t.

It seems so weird since pretty much any other place - including the Contempo and the GF’s QS Place, both at a Deluxe - that has flatbreads can.

Looks like I may be suggest that we do separate lunches and meet up after.

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Meatballs of any type gross me out. Don’t know what it is about them, but cool meat in that shape and I am done.

And adding in a coconut flavor? Blech!





Yeah… I realized how that could come off. Lol.

But even before I knew things about myself, I did not like them. Must have been another sign! :joy:


A good meatball (it’s really all about the sauce) can be good. Homemade, in particular. But it is hard to find any kind of store-bought meatball that is any good. The one’s GFS (Gordon Food Service) sells are decent (not great), but I’ve tried all of them from the grocery stores and blech.