Cape May Cafe

Cape May Cafe. We would really like to go on a night where fried shrimp is on the bar, which is Wednesday. We will be at MK that day. Do you think that it will take to much of our park time to go all the way over there for dinner and then back to MK? We will only be spending 1 day in each park. My other option is eating late after Fantasmic on Thursday night.

If it’s really important to you, then I would make a ressie for both. Then cancel one when you finalise your plans.

However, be aware that the menu could change. Keep checking closer to your travel dates. I wouldn’t think it would be too hard to get one nearer your trip if necessary.

I like the idea of making the two reservations. Taking the bus from MK to BC then back again is not difficult but would add at leas another hour to your dinner.