Cape May Cafe query

My ADR opened up this morning for the second part or our split stay. For second half of the trip we are staying at Beach club resort and I was trying to book breakfast at Cape May for 01/09/17. It is showing no availability at all for then or anytime we are there for the week. Also when I check numerous other summer days for breakfast there is nothing available. I called disney and they said system may just not be updated??? Wondering if anyone else as been successful in getting a breakfast reservation for Cape May for August month?

Hi. I got a breakfast ADR at Cape May for the 11th August. This was available at 180 days out (so about 30 days ago).

Thanks for letting me know. I started trying as soon as my adr opened at 180 days out and no availability for either day of my trip. I found it weird and did not think cape may was one of the most popular dining reservations. I guess I will just keep checking here and there. Thanks again for responding :grinning:

I’m wondering whether people staying at the Beach Club are booking several breakfasts for their stay, since there’s no other real option. First time visitors on a package may be unsure where else/what else they can eat. And so they may well be booking several days, especially if they’re on the dining plan.

Oh for the days when you could walk up every morning to Cape May. Our first stay onsite was Feb 2010, and we had pre-booked 1 day but most days we just joined the line in the morning. Wait was usually 15 minutes, or we booked it the night before if we wanted an early time.

Yes your probably right. Good to know we might be able to get a seating without a reservation. Thanks :grinning:

I wouldn’t count on being able to get a walk up unless it’s for a late breakfast. The character breakfasts are really popular. Definitely keep looking. Have you tried the reservation finder?

Weird, there are reservations available for Chef Mickey’s which you’d think would be more popular. Probably a glitch?