Cape May Cafe- Better from Epcot or HS

Hi Guys,

Is it better to do an early breakfast at Cape May Cafe on a HS day or an Epcot day?
If so, how did you get to Cape May early (from Pop Century) and how did you get to HS or Epcot? Thank you

You can get to HS and to Epcot from Pop via the new Skyliner.
Epcot is closer to Cape May than HS is. It’s an easy walk from the BC to the IG entrance of Epcot.
Either would work but in my opinion Epcot would be easier.

I read that you can only access Cape May from Epcot once the park opens. I was hoping to get to the breakfast and finish it before the park opens. What do you think?

You would have to taxi, Uber/Lyft, minivan directly to BC. Or bus to HS and walk or take the boat to BC.

Do we have to tip for the minivan? Any idea how far ahead we have to reserve it?
How far is walk from HS to cafe cape May? Thank you

That’s true but the sky liner will drop you off outside the international gateway entrance to Epcot so you actually will not be in the park when you exit the skyliner. The only thing to check out would be the times that the sky liner is operating. When we were there this weekend it didn’t start operating until 8 AM.

Interesting, I did not know that, thank you!

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And the sky liner was really fast. We took it just for fun over the weekend and really enjoyed it.

How “early” is early for you? I assumed the 8 skyliner would not work but if the time works, @dreamer’s suggestion is the best route.

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