Cape May Breakfast, Hollywood & Vine Dinner or a Chef Mickey's meal?

We are going over the holidays and I know I want to book a Mickey and/or Mickey gang character meal for our trip. We have never done any of these meals (although we have done the Disney Jr. breakfast at H&V). Which has better food and/or character interactions? We are going to WDW to specifically experience the Christmas and New Years entertainment so I was thinking the seasonal dine at H&V might be cool, but the food just sounds so boring and so…buffet. I always hear terrible food reviews for Chef Mickeys and I like to try a restaurant for myself before kicking it to the curb, but the reviews do seem consistently awful.

We wanted to try something we haven’t done before which is why Garden Grill and Tusker House is not on the list.

Any experience and insight is appreciated!

We’re trying Mickey’s Backyard BBQ this trip. We love Garden Grill but didn’t care for Hollywood & Vine. Haven’t done Chef Mickey’s.

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Cape May doesn’t have Mickey. But I love it.

It’s a sentimental favourite, but I enjoyed the choices there.


We liked Cape May. The food was fine - not spectacular, but fine. The characters were great, and the setting is cute.

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Hmmm, I’m going to look into that seasonal dine. Are they dressed up christmasy? That could be cool!

They are! It’s Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald and goofy! All dressed in Christmas gear and goofy as Santa goofy. Seems so festive and fun! I just wish the food didn’t sound so buffet if that makes sense.