Can't make any ADRs?

I received my email from WDW that I could now make my ADRs but when I try (it shows me what’s available and I click on one) I just get a “Sorry for the “Paws”” error message. Am I missing something?

I’m watching reservations disappear so it’s working for some people. This isn’t pleasant.

Call the reservation line and see if they can help

No answer. No-one at the office apparently.

Are you using the app? I’ve always had to use a desktop at my 180 mark.

Hrm no. Was using their website. Will try the app now.

Looks like that may work apart from it won’t accept my telephone number as valid!

I’ve tried many combinations for my home or mobile number from the UK

Are you putting in dashes? Sometimes you need to take them out?

I took them out.

I tried 44 prefix (then my number without the leading 0).
Then the 011 prefix.
Then both together 01144.

Just type in a 10 digit number like in the US?

For me +49 and the number without leading zero worked.

Have you tried +44 then number without leading zeroes? I used my mobile number.

It’s now noon, uk time. That’s only 7 est. Isn’t 7 that it opens up? Try again on the web. Otherwise you may need to phone in an hour when phone bookings open. Good luck, I think you should get most of what you want. Hope so :grinning:

The app is helping. Although it won’t store credit card details so I have to add the full address etc for every booking. Really annoying.

Phone number finally worked. No prefix at all. Just dropped the leading 0 and it finally worked.

Got a few ADRs done but now the APP is saying “We’re having technical difficulties” :confused:

The website is still just as broken as it was earlier.

I expected Disney to have a much more reliable, and user friendly, system.

I’ve just remembered something from my time last summer.

I thought it wasn’t accepting my number, (with a message along the lines of “This is not a valid US number”), but I then realised it was just a warning. I could still continue with the reservation, even tho it looked like an error message. Took me a while to work it out

Glad you got some booked, but I do recall the frustration with the system.

Well, this is disheartening. I hope you were able to get most of the ADRs you wanted.

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