Can't I just sleep when I'm dead?

As I lengthen my last day to accommodate the FPP for SDD I’ve just found, it occurred to me that the planning would be so much easier if I just don’t sleep during my vacation. I’d be able to fit a lot more in at a more relaxed pace, and that would surely make me less stressed.

Do you really need to go to sleep? It seems like a waste of quality touring time.


This is why every good vacation requires that you come home absolutely exhausted and in need of rest and relaxation. Vacations are NOT, contrary to popular opinion, opportunities for rest and relaxation.


Ditto, that’s what I try to tell my kids. But I felt so bad for my son when we were catching the bus at AK after a long day and he said “my feel feel like they are going to split open”. And this as from a very active 11 year old. I knew exactly how he felt. All the walking :tired_face: I alWays tell people Disney is not a vacation, it’s an EPERIENCE.

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He’s weak. Ditch him. He’s dead weight. Leave him behind. Someone will find him and look after him.


:joy: lmao

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This is why I’m touring alone.

No – it’s a WAR. And it’s one I intend to win.


Rope Dropping certainly feels like that. My husband was like “wtf are we doing, is there a fire behind us”? Walk with purpose doesn’t really cut it when rope dropping for FOP. He was laughing at the people running. So was I actually, but if he wasn’t there I would have been dragging my kids faster. Ditch him too?

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Of course. He’s holding you back. And setting a bad example to your kids. You don’t get anywhere in life by walking with purpose. It’s kill or be killed.


I train for the daily Rope Drop by running the runDisney Dopey Challenge. That way I’m ready for both a sprint and a marathon.

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You’re forgetting the UK liner’s arch nemesis - jet lag. Sleep isn’t always optional

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When I go to a Disney park, I always have extra energy. And sleep is for the weaks!

On Saturday, I could barely get through my day and had to nap.

On Sunday, we went to Disneyland around RD, rode, went to a movie, watch the parades, rode, wathch the fireworks and than rides again and I was only hungry, not tired. Pixie Dust is better than caffeine for me.

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While you do need some degree of sleep, we always say we can sleep after our vacation is over :wink:

Actually, jet lag is the UK Liner’s friend as travelling east to west is easier because you gain hours. Think of it this way: you get to stay up late (because 10:00 pm Eastern is 3:00 am UK) and then sleep in (because 6:00 am Eastern is 11:00 am UK), but you still are able to hit RD! :smiley:

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Yes I agree. It’s when I get home that jet lag spanks my bum.

It would be good if it worked like that, but in practise the sleeping in never works. So we’re all wide awake at 4am Eastern and zonked by 9pm!

I don’t remember jet-lag being an issue last year. Though I flew from Manchester to Boston, stayed overnight there, then flew Boston to Orlando, finally arriving at MK at 6pm and staying till park close. The next day we went to AK, arriving at about 11am.

I don’t remember much jet-lag when I got home, either. I slept a bit on the plane on the way home.

But then I keep odd hours anyway. I typically don’t go to bed till 2am UK time.

I do not deal well with being tired and did notice jetlag. I managed to deal with it pretty well up until day 10 when I left everyone else in AK and went to crash back at AOA. On the way back the train from Manchester seemed 10x longer than it was because I just wanted to be home. Luckily I had actually managed to sleep some on the the plane (very rare for me) so I was back to almost full capacity a week later. I wish I didn’t feel it

Part of our strategy last year was “lazy mornings”. We often didn’t arrive at the parks till 11am or even noon. We mostly stayed till park close.

No point in lazy mornings for us, we’re normally awake by 5 am at the latest. Once we get back though I can’t wake up till lunchtime.

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I often see you posting at an hour I thought would be late for UK, but then I always wonder if my math is wrong.

I’m no good at math, really.

Know anyone who can help with that?

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