Can't get over SPLASH being closed...:(

Who else is completely bummed that Splash will be closed soon for the next several months?

I’m having a hard time even accepting it. We arrive Sept. 3 - it is scheduled to close on August 28th through November 16th, 2017. Any chance they will not close it on time? I’m there literally 6 days after it is scheduled to close…boo hoo hoo!


Been there. It’s hands down my favorite ride in MK, and may be my favorite in all 4 parks (but haven’t seen FOP yet). Of course anything could happen, but I give it a 99.9% chance of closing on the advertised day and staying closed through the entire advertised period. :frowning:

This is one where I’ll pretend to be upset because my kids will be bummed, but really I’m relieved because I don’t like getting wet in my clothes. I was way more devastated when Peter Pan’s Flight was closed a few years ago.

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my family arrives on the 29th. my kids (7 and 4) do not know we are going. when was planning months ago I was showing them ride videos to gauge their interest in each of the rides. I mean, they watch people unwrap toys and play with them so why would this be any different? of course my 7 year old loved the video. now we miss it by a day.

Man, that stinks. That happened to us in 2014. My husband and I love that ride and were really excited for kids to try it. Of course, it was closed the whole time we were there. I was pretty bummed about it. We did a similar ride at Islands of Adventure and that made up for it a little bit.

This is me too! I don’t like Splash at all so glad it is closed during our trip in October. I will ride it with a poncho, but otherwise no thank you! I would love to see a refurb of this ride…including a change of name to Dry Mountain. Take out the water and run it dry and it will be a great ride! Ha!


my very first trip to Disneyworld as an adult and the Haunted Mansion was closed. Splash is our iconic family ride, but at least HM is open!!

Thanks for sharing my pain (some of you)

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We arrive on 8/31 - it’s one of my favorites and I am bummed it will be closed. I made sure we got 3 rides in during our June trip to help make up for it…but that only helps a little. :cry:

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I’m completely gutted it’s going to be closed when we are there. And I still don’t understand why…they are closing it not for maintenance but for necessary infrastructure improvements for other projects? I just don’t grok what those could be.

I’m assuming they could have kept it open regardless of the work being done but are too cheap to invest in the solution. It’s always money over guest experience these days.

Where did you see that Splash is closing due to “other projects”?

Historically Splash closes for a short annual refurb in January, but often has closed for a longer refurbishment. 6 weeks in '08, 8 weeks '10, 11 weeks '13, and 11 weeks '14. Given that schedule it seems it was due for a longer refurb than the normal week or 2 in January. I’d presume there’s something of significance they need to fix soon and hence the very long shutdown. Maybe I’m totally off though, but Googling I didn’t come up with anything indicating the shutdown was due to something beyond Splash needing maintenance sooner rather than later.

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“Necessary infrastructure work for other projects” was what was being bantered about by the most credible insiders on the wdwmagic forums.

No reason to dispute their claims.

I’ve been obsessively googling it for no good reason and that’s the only source pointing to something outside Splash. No idea if it’s good data or not, but it seems no one else picked up on it. Given the refurb history, I’d presume Splash was due for significant work. One thread was claiming other majors are going down in January so that was why they pushed it forward to Fall instead of waiting for the normal January…

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Ah, you know what - that has to be it.

Other majors going down in January so they pushed the Splash refurb forward.

Yep. I’m thinking Space M might have to close for a while for Tron and/or the new theatre, possibly also Buzz. In fact at some point I have a feeling the whole of Tomorrowland will need to be shut off. Whether this is all imminent or not I’m not sure but I think they want to get the Splash stuff done and out of the way first.

Devastated! We have actually rescheduled a trip in the past because Small World was closed. If any other dates worked for us, we would have done that again. I’m unrealisticlly-hoping that the schedule gets messed up and they start late, or finish early.

This makes sense and now has me worrying yet again about going back in 2019 - stuff that should have been finished probably won’t be based on their track record (ROL anyone?) but will that stop them ploughing ahead with everything else? Will there be anything actually open?!

Hahaha ROL - I’m still pissed we missed it last year. I have FPP for it this year.

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I had been showing DH ride videos and he was pretty excited about Splash. When I told him it would be closed he asked if we should reschedule the trip. Yeah … um … no!

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Me too. I’m missing seeing in in my FastPass list.

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