Can't get my TP right for Epcot

So- thoughts- FP for FEA or TT? I can get either one and just can’t figure out which makes more sense. The other factor is I have a FP for Spaceship Earth and my TP just doesn’t want to use it no matter which way I configure. It seems the wait doesn’t warrant a FP.
So… do I just grab a FP for Spaceship Earth early just so we can get it out of the way? Or are there other FPs you would suggest?
Anyone else find Epcot to be the hardest to plan? I think it’s the tiers that are complicating.

Do you have a strong preference as to which ride is more important? TT is often down so it’s the best Tier1 for a FPP. FEA wait at RD isn’t bad.

Still book a FPP for SE.

Thanks! No strong preference either way so I’ll take your advice and keep the FP for TT.

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