Cant get FP for FOP. How early to i need to be at Animal kingdom for EMH

I Could’t get a FP for FOP. We are staying at dinsey property Oct 8th 2019 and wondering how early we need to arrive at Animal Kingdom to rope drop EMH in order to get on FOP with nearly no wait. Obviously catching the free shuttle is out of question so we are doing a ride share to park from hotel. Thank you for any help

I think you can use the Disney buses. I would say 45 mins? 1.5 hours if you want to be very, very firstish in line…

75 minutes min before opening. 90 if you want front. They typically open the gates to the park about 30 before and start letting people on the ride about 15-20 before. I’ve done it multiple times very successfully.

If you are unfamiliar with the path, go to the left to cross the oasis right after you enter. You’ll turn left after you pass the shops as you get to the tree of life. Then stay to the right on the path. They will hold you at the bridge to Pandora and when they are ready, they will walk people to the rides.

I don’t find it particularly chaotic since the height requirement and the general theme of the ride tends to make it a slightly older crowd.


Thank you. this is very helpful. Do these time stay true for 7 dwarf mine train and Slinkydog dash. or is an hour before EMH enough time to have very short wait times.

SDD yes. I have never actually done RD for SDD, have always used either a FPP or had a breakfast reservation at BOG before opening - so been back there already. I think 45-60 would be plenty for 7D, but hopefully someone else will chime in with actual experience.

For SDD directions are oddly similar. They will hold you in front of the theater. In general you can stay to the right. You have to go through these archways. Try to aim for the middle one , which is gigantic, so you done get held up by the funnel of people try to go through the standard door sized one. Then just stay to the right. SDD rope drop was a bit less pleasant and far more hectic than what I have experienced at AK, but still worth doing it to avoid the very long line later.

i’d do the jump in line 10 minutes before park close thing.


We do this often and it is a great suggestion. On our last trip the posted wait at the end of night was 120 minutes. We were in the first pre-show in 35 minutes.


Thank you i will look into this option. it just i have a 5 year old and a 1 year old with me. im not sure if we will be out too much past river of lights.