Can't get a profile pic to load!

What the hell am I doing wrong?

It’s not you. The site has been having trouble with the profile pics for a while. People who had one who tried to change theirs have lost them. I think it does work to set up a Gravatar elsewhere, but hopefully they will be able to fix the site system soon!

Here’s a link to a discussion about it. Help! Lost my profile picture and can't upload another one

I’ll tag @daybreaker, just in case in case things have changed.

Oh, and welcome to the Forum!!

Oh! Thank you so much. I had no idea. :blush:

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Darn! I want to change mine to match my new title. I hope they get it fixed soon

And I was thinking of finding a picture from our trip and updating mine :frowning:

Maybe it’s working now? I’m afraid to try. :scream: do you know if the profile pic issue is fixed yet @len? (Sorry to bother you on a Saturday.)

It should be fixed. Let @daybreaker know if not.

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I just tried it, and it looks like it still isn’t working. (I’m currently using Gravatar.)

I can see your profile pic - Darth Maul. Sometimes it takes a while for it to show up for yourself, especially if you’ve made a lot of posts in the past.

I’m starting to accept my plain B lol.

Sorry. I should have clarified. When I try to upload my pic directly to TP, it doesn’t work. But using Gravatar works fine.

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B’s a great letter. It’s got straight lines. It’s got curved lines. What more can you ask for in a letter? :wink:

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There are a lot of good Bs in the world. Not everyone can be an S.

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You guys should email @daybreaker. :slight_smile: