Can't figure out 3 FP and one dinner for 5 pm MK start

I planned a 7 pm dinner at Plaza for my group of 6 long ago, then did our FP on Sept 26…and it was obvious (to me) I just couldn’t keep that dinner. We are planning a 5 pm arrival and were able to get FP for our desired attractions at 4:50, 6:25, and 7:50. While I realize that technically we can do the dinner it just doesn’t seem…comfortable. I could easily see us getting there too late or rushing really fast for the last thing. I have not cancelled anything yet and I don’t want to move the FP times; the real problem time is the 6:25 but that is PP and we really want to do that one. We also really want to see the fireworks. Any advice? I am leaning towards keeping everything in place and seeing how people feel closer to the time. It is likely that only 2 adults would go to the dinner while the 3rd adult watches the 3 kids then. In that case I will modify to have less people going. Might be easier to move the group through with only 2. That last FP is meet Tinker Bell if that helps. I am aware we can move FP times once we’re there but I’ve never done this before; our last trip you still had to use a kiosk, not your phone, I imagine it’s much easier now…

Why are you worried about the time? 35 minutes should be no problem to get through your PP FP. What time are the fireworks? You have until 8:50 to get to tinker and I think you will easily be there well before 8:30?


I like to allow about 1.5 hrs for an ADR. We’ve had big delays getting seated, slow service etc. In this case I might live a little dangerously however. This is our first time ever doing a partial day. I typically have most FP in the morning then lunch, or one FP after the lunch if I couldn’t get them earlier.

Although it is the Plaza. I don’t think you need as much time as some other restaurants.

Also, if you show up around 6:15 there’s a good chance they’ll let you use your 6:25 pm FP for PP. That would free up some time if you’re worried you won’t make the dinner. (But as @PrincipalTinker said, PP takes very little time and you shouldn’t have a problem making your ADR).

6:25 PP is not an issue at all for a 7pm Plaza dinner. PP is just a few minutes long and if you arrive just at your FPP time you’ll be done by 6:40 at the outside. Plaza is a few minutes walk from PP but you’d make it with time to spare.


You wont need 90 mins at Plaza. 1hr tops

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Yeah, I don’t see any issues with your times at all. You should have time to pull it off without rushing.

Thanks everyone! I feel good about keeping the ADR now. :slight_smile:

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